Frequently Asked Questions


Are Future Fence product pre-welded?

Yes.  Our panels come pre-welded and ready to install.  Just cut your panels to size (if required) and mount to your posts or blockwork.

Do Future Fence panels and gates come with caps?

Yes.  Future Fence fences and gates have pre-inserted caps in the top side only.

Will Future Fence panels and gates rust?

No - Aluminium does not rust unlike steel products.

Do you custom make any products?

We do not do any custom work.


Do you offer installation?

We are a supply only business and do not provide installation. If you need help with install please reach out and we can see if we have a trusted contractor in your area to assist. Alternatively, any carpenter, fence contractor or good handyman will be able to install a Future Fence.

Can Future Fence products be installed DIY?

Future Fences can be DIY installed with the right tools. These include:

  • Power saw (grinder or circular saw)
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Impact driver with hex head attachments
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Post-hole digger (if posts are going inground)
  • Wrench and socket set (if flanged posts are being bolted down).

How wide are Future Fence panels?

Panels come in standard 2400mm lengths. We recommend viewing the technical drawings on each product page when planning your fence.

Can I adjust the width of Future Fence panels?

All Future Fence panels can be reduced in width by cutting along the rails at the back when installing.

What is the best way to cut Future Fence products?

Future Fence products can be cut with most electric saws using an aluminium cutting blade. For the straightest cut, we recommend a circular saw. Always use caution with these tools.

What screws should be used?

Self-tapping screws are provided with the relevant mounting brackets to fix to Future Fence posts. If mounting to timber or blockwork, alternative fixings will need to be sourced separately.


Shipping Question?

Please refer to our Shipping Page for all shipping and collection related queries.